What is “a sustainable society”?

The society we live in today was built by our mothers and fathers, and it was provided to us as a gift. We do not want to pass it on to our children just as it is, but rather, we want to even improve it into a better form before handing it over to our future generations.

We have set up a team to work to create a safe planet, a sustainable society, and a form of learning necessary skills for the coming age by each and every one of us. We also plan various events based on the concept of “Change the city!” We also hold soy sauce making workshops that anyone can participate in.

Climate Change Team

In 2022, we submitted a request to the mayor of Nagoya City and the governor of Aichi Prefecture to declare a zero-carbon city; in 2022, we developed a soy meat burger menu with a local café; and in 2023, we helped planning to launch a new restaurant, “Soy Meat Burgers” in Nagoya. We have also held a number of climate change lectures.

Plastic Waste Problem Team

We are working to solve the plastic waste problem by organizing beach cleanups, holding lectures, and approaching companies.In 2021, we submitted a request to AEON, followed by an ethical event in front of AEON Mall Nagoya Dome.2022 “Story of Plastic” screening.

Zero-Waste Team

In addition to composting at home, we support the introduction of composting at schools and businesses. In 2024, we will hold a composting class at a nursery school in Anjo City to support the introduction of composting. We will launch an urban composting project, to explore ways to build a sustainable, plastic-free society, such as selling compost by weight.

At Aichi Rinkai Environmental Improvement Center, a public foundation

Biodiversity Team

In 2023, we held a biodiversity event with Dr. Koichi Goka of the National Institute for Environmental Studies.

2023: Wetland conservation activities. 2024: Fujimae Tidal Flat tour.

Education Reform Team

In 2022, he held an opinion exchange meeting on the movie “Yumemiru Elementary School” with city and prefectural assembly members, and in 2024, we became a member of the executive committee for the Omoro Class Presentation.