What is Green Journey?

We want to protect our mother earth; and we’re talking about saving the planet 30 years from now, when our children will be our age. To achieve this, mothers and fathers who are willing to do what they can do NOW, are  gathering to engage in various activities. In addition to our projects related to climate change, biodiversity, plastic waste, food loss, and education reform, we hold monthly meetings of Field Club and Rice Paddy Club, where parents and children can experience natural farming.

As part of its efforts to transform urban areas into sustainable cities, we are also developing NURF (Nagoya Urban Regenerative Farm), which transforms vacant lots in Nagoya into edible gardens. Our urban composting project has also begun in 2024.

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Meet Our Members

About Us

Maika Utsugi

Representative Director


Radio DJ, MC, and official supporter of JICA Chubu Nagoya Global Plaza. She is a frequent visiting lecturer on international cooperation and environmental issues at elementary schools, universities, and companies, and is active on social media as “Ethical Okan”. She is a mother of two children, and she is a happy chatterbox.

Akiko Watanabe

Vice President Director


Super homemaker. Her information processing skills allow her to handle all the paperwork for the NPO and grants, as well as to post the latest updates on Instagram. In the composting project, she manages everything from communicating with participants to processing data. Mother of two children, she is obsessed with researching.

Emi Hasegawa

General Manager, Sustainer Society Development Dept.


Beach handball player. Because of her cooking skills and dexterity, she is in charge of all hands-on activities such as the field, NURF’s cooking team, compost bag making, and darning/kintsugi workshops. She is a powerful mother of two children.

Mizue Kaneko



Gamelan artist. Liaison with outside organizations, including grants and guest speakers. She is a healer with an easy-going personality and artistic tastes. She has more perseverance than others, which she has cultivated through Gamelan training. Mother of two children, she loves Balinese music and shadow puppets.

Miyuki Ito



Green Journey Treasurer. She handles all accounting matters with meticulous attention to detail and superb management. She also has a sense of design and art, and her works have many fans. Her kind personality is very popular among children! A mother of two, she is Green-Journey’s sweetheart.